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Smart2.0 LED series
- Smart2.0 LED String Light
- Smart2.0 LED Rope Light
- Smart2.0 LED Curtain Light
- Smart2.0 LED Net Light
- Smart2.0 LED icicle Light
RGB LED series
- RGB string light
- RGB rope light
Normal LED series
- 7 wire 6 channels string light
- 2 wire 1 channel string light
- Normal rope light
DMX Driver series
- HV-DMX-MD-03
- HV-DMX-HD-03
- HV-DMX-LD-06
Wireless series
Controller Series
- MC-MCT-01
- MC-SCT-08
- MC-B01
Project Reference
Vivid vision effect
Why choose Magic?

We proudly present you our company's products. All our products here are
manufactured using our own ICs, which are a unique invention in the marketplace.
By installing our ICs into conventional Christmas light designs, the products can
immediately have vivid color changing and animated effects. With it, we can
achieve whatever effects we desire,only limited by imagination. We introduce our 3
main product series for mainstream distribution:

Traditional Christmas lights have been transitioning from rice ("grain of wheat") bulbs to LEDs for more than 10 years now. But the control systems for traditional Christmas light have not. They still use 8-function control to regulate the 3-wire 2-loop products
for on/off functions and chasing and/or other simple effects. This kind of system cannot maximize the unique characteristics of LEDs.

MagicChristmas . incorporates its intelligent control system into LED holiday lights to upgrade conventional products to a brand new intelligent monochrome lighting series.
Compared to existing (outdated) designs, our Smart White Color light strings can do far more: dot control, gray-scale transformation, and pattern or text playback,
and online video playback. With such attention-grabbing and novel functions accompanied by a low cost, MC Smart Color Product Series is poised to fully replace the traditional type in the near future.

MagicChristmas. is also developing the MC. Small Full Color Product Series that repurpose the main cable of Christmas curtain light to our lighting products, offering easy
installation for a variety of applications at an affordable price. It is the best choice for outdoor full-color LED lighting installations and displays.

The features for our product series:
Multi-loop control:
Each MC intelligent light string has multiple loops and each loop can be treated as one pixel and can be controlled separately.

Every single piece can be extended:
Each MC intelligent light string can be extended under normal operating voltage and multiples can be connected together, up to 1536 loops (pixels).

More pieces connected in parallel:
Multiple strings or strips combined together can have animation effects or move with a video effect. The maximum screen size that can be controlled is 780,000 pixels.

All TL Smart Color products can be loaded with our specially made DMX controller series and all are compatible with third-party DMX controllers and consoles.


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