MC pro LED display Motif

MC pro LED display Motif

◆Technical advantages:


   MC-05/10 professional LED display Motif is specifically designed for the EU commercial market and has the following characteristics: 

1. The use of 0.2MM² cables can maximize the physical reliability of the MOTIF; 

2. LEDs in Parallel connection to ensure maximum stability of signal and power supply;

3. Use 12V power supply to minimize the negative impact of voltage drop;

4. Use MC specific wireless RF synchronous communication technology to ensure smooth and unobstructed transmission of MOTIF signals; 

5. Use MC specific 3D imaging technology to combine different MOTIFs into 3D playback images.

The structural characteristics of RF controllers:

   The RF synchronization controller is a built-in controller for RF wireless transmission and reception. Each controller can achieve signal synchronization and data exchange without the internet and separated signal lines.

Distance between each RF controller: within 50 meters

There is an SD card inside the controller for storage purposes, which can be re edited and modified for animation effects according to user needs.

◆Connection diagram:



◆Technical Parameter:


◆Project Cases:

Case 1:

Case 2:


                                   Case 3:                                    



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